What We Do

Mozza provides Consulting and Services to non EU businesses looking to move into the UK/EMEA markets without investing heavily into their own footprint on the ground. We are able to provide Sales and Technical services and have Marketing and Design partnerships. Mozza can support most product areas, but specialise in IT Security. – We act as you!

We have experience working with many US and Canadian businesses making their first reach outside of their comfort area and into the UK or Europe, without the outlay for the costs of Office buildings, Payroll, Up-Staffing, working time delays, International travel/flight costs and associated environmental impact.

Additionally Mozza provides services to existing UK business around Sales, IT, Support and Infrastructure. Specialisms include Microsoft Azure, O365, Sharepoint, Amazon AWS, Server/Site Hosting, e-commerce, Network and Application Security, File and Data Encryption, Digital Signatures, PKI, Smart Cards, Managed File Transfer